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Air Tapping Machine AT-I

AIR TAPPING MACHINE - Work Range:500~1600mm
MODEL: Standard Accessories
 AT-08/ I
 AT-12/ I
 AT-16/ I
 AT-20/ I
 AT-22/ I
 AT-24/ I
 AT-27/ I
1. Air tapping spindle
2. Parallel arm
3. Table mounting column
4. Air unit
5. Choose any six safety clutch tapping adapters
MODEL AT-08/ I AT-12/ I AT-16/ I AT-20/ I AT-22/ I AT-24/ I AT-27/ I
For Tap M2~M8 M3~M12 M3~M16 M3~M20 M3~M22 M3~M24 M3~M27
Speed(rpm) 700 400 300 150/400 120/300 100/300 70/220
Work Range Rmax 1600mm                                  Rmin 500mm
Weight(KG) 20 20 25 36 36 36 36

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