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Super Horizontal & Vertical Rotary Table


nThe machine is supported by multiple-point force structure. It can overcome the down twisting force when vertical working disc holds heavy thing(s) Ensure the precision and the life of rotary table.

nAdopt single-handle and two-step device for disc locking. The first can provided arc processing and 2ndcan lock the disc, that can be prevented the vibration due to heavy cutting.

n The interior main is adopted two step designs and the front internal hole be enlarged to 50mm and rear internal hole can be supported the tool.

n Internal driven gear is a full hermetic design.
n Equipped with L oil cup, easy and convenience for pouring oil.

n Can be installed the pneumatic device to reform this product into pneumatic indexing table and each tool weight, compare to 0.01kgf/cm2 air pressure and turn disc easily.



Model SRT-200 SRT-250 SRT-300
A 280 310 365
B 200 250 300
C 150 155 180
D 215 217 252
E 50 50 50
F 200 250 300
G 120 120 120
a 16 16 16
b 12 12 15
Weight (kg) 33 43 57

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